F.A.Q. and General Summaries

Q:What is .45 cal's plot?
A: .45 only has a meta-plot that runs throughout the different episodes. Think along the lines of NCIS or The Mentalist. In general terms, it's about a detective who works with a criminal.

Q: So...it's White Collar?
A: Surprisingly not! I got the idea for .45 a looong time before I heard about White Collar. When I did hear WC's plot, I saw the similarities and adjusted .45 accordingly. The basic, BASIC structure of "cop and criminal" duo is the same, but, trust me, that's all. But I love WC a lot! I'm glad I started watching it.

Is this a romance comic?
A: Not really. There are going to be realistic elements of romance, but the focus is on the cases the characters work on..not the relationships. If a romance develops, it will never be the main plot of the story.

Q: The introduction moved too quickly! I don't know what is going on.
A: Good! The introduction isn't meant to explain anything. I don't want to give away the whole plot in the first ten pages! As long as you got the general gist of "cops arrested Cartel->Cartel ended up working for/with them as a consultant" you're set.

if you have a question--just let me know! I'd love to answer anything you're wondering.